Seyed Mohammad Mehdi (Saied) Tahaghoghi
سید محمد مهدی (سعید) تحققی مهریزی
B.E. (hons) Electronics Eng., M.Sc. Comp. Eng., Ph.D. Comp. Sci.
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  S.M.M. (Saied) Tahaghoghi - photo
Professional Activities
Conference Program Committees
Affiliations and Awards
  1. 'Rooz as now' program, Channel Two, Iran. 30th December 2008.
  2. 2SM Sydney and 5AA Adelaide, Australia. 14th September 2007.
  3. ABC Radio National, Australia. 14th September 2007.
  4. Australian Financial Review, Australia. 17th April 2007.
  5. ComputerWorld, Australia. 12th August 2006.
  6. IRNA, Iran. 19th April 2005.
  7. Jam-e-Jam Newspaper, Iran. 2nd November 2004.
  8. 'Ghalamro' program, Farhang radio, Iran. 24th and 31st October 2004.
  9. Invited speaker, First national conference on e-Business, Tehran, Iran. 10-11 October 2004